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Use of AI in the Company

Heart to heart: Your data knows what tomorrow will bring. Do you? We are happy to help companies get even more out of their data by developing tailor-made AI solutions.

Process automation with AI:

Improve with Artificial Intelligence

Two things: Firstly, manual processes are inefficient, error-prone and time-consuming. Secondly, the volumes of data that companies produce every day hold enormous potential for process automation, forecasting and customization. However, these masses of data are difficult to manage at first.

This is where AI steps in: with AI, you can optimize, individualize and automate your processes with little effort. The large amounts of data that are initially of little use to us humans are the perfect starting point for systems such as artificial intelligence (AI). This is because a large database makes it easy for these software tools to learn and recognize patterns. The prerequisites for this are routine processes that are repeated, clearly defined and rule-based.

Automate Processes with anaptis:

Our Approach: AI with anaptis

How do we proceed?
We do not build robots or machines. Instead, we rely on existing data from your ERP solution and incorporate additional data (internal and external).
Tell us your problem or requirement, and together with a team of data scientists and analysts we collaborate with, we will find a tailored solution for your medium-sized company.

Why AI?
AI applications are so intelligent that they learn from their own mistakes and experiences. They can outperform human actors in their performance.

When do we start?
Support your team and relieve them of routine processes that can be automated with AI. This leaves more time for important matters. Additionally, you differentiate yourself from your competition and gain a competitive advantage.

You Benefit from This:

The Major Benefits of AI

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Automate Processes
Let AI finally take over repetitive, administrative tasks and automate them. This gives your team more time for creative tasks.

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Improve your forecasts (e.g., sales and personnel planning) by using more data to make statements about the future. For example, include weather forecasts in your planning if your sales are subject to seasonal fluctuations.

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Embrace the trend of personalization and individualization and improve your customer experience, for example through individualized offers, product and price suggestions. This is possible thanks to more informed forecasts.

Would You like to Use anaptis AI?

Starting Your anaptis AI Project

  • Step 1
    Step 1

    If you are not yet familiar with the potential for your company, we will analyze your processes and develop proposals for possible applications.

    In case you already have ideas, we would be happy to work with you to create a feasibility analysis (proof of concept).

  • Step 2
    Step 2
    Now it’s up to you: Take some time to consider our developed proposals for the individual use of artificial intelligence (AI) in your company.

    We look forward to receiving your positive feedback on implementing our joint concept.

  • Step 3
    Step 3

    If you decide to implement the proof of concept, we will integrate the AI functionality into your existing processes. Afterwards, we will develop it through a repetitive learning phase until maturity.

    Let’s do it!

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