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Committment of anaptis

We want to make an active contribution to our society and to the preservation of our beautiful planet. This is close to our hearts.

Sustainability Is Important to Us:

Responsibility forSociety and the Environment

We are grateful for our privileges and see it as our duty to make a positive contribution. For the environment and society. We want to take responsibility and get actively involved and committed. We would like to make our actions transparent below.

This Is How We Are Committed:

Our Contribution to More Sustainability

We want to reduce and avoid emissions wherever possible and sensible. Below we show what levers we are already using to achieve this:

Save Energy

We save energy.This is the result of long-term decisions and the actions of our employees every day:

  • Use of motion detectors
  • Use of LED lighting
  • Switching off standby devices overnight

We are limiting our travel activities. This is what our commitment to mobility looks like:

  • Annual AOK campaign “Cycle to work” (apart from this: our main mode of transportation)
  • Electric and hybrid pool cars
  • Avoidance of air travel
  • Preference for remote appointments
  • Support for job bikes
This Is How We Are Committed:

Our Social Contribution

We want to get involved in important social issues such as health, sport and equality. Below we show what levers we use to achieve this:

Promotion of Young Talents

We train IT specialists and offer ambitious young professionals a part-time Bachelor’s and Master’s degree course in cooperation with the FOM University of Applied Sciences and Münster University of Applied Sciences. We offer Bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science and Business Informatics and Master’s degrees in Big Data & Business Analytics or IT Management.

Women in IT

Equality is important to us. Very important. Women are largely underrepresented in our IT sector. In many places, female software developers and female consultants are still being sought in vain. For this reason, we are particularly committed to strengthening the female gender.

Sporting Purpose

Every year, we are delighted to support the Münster pedal boat race, whose donations go to the Münster children’s cancer charity.

We have also been a sponsor of the tennis department of the Schwimmvereinigung Münster of 1891 e. V. (SV91 for short) since 2014.

Regional Politics

We are also very interested in our beautiful home town of Münster and strengthening the business location. To this end, we support start-ups in the form of the ERCIS Launchpad pitch competition and network with exciting ICT companies in the region via the IHK IT Forum initiative.