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Part of the Microsoft Power Platform:

Microsoft Power Pages for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Power Pages is one of the components of the Microsoft Power platform alongside Microsoft Power Apps, Microsoft Power BI and Microsoft Power Automate. The core functionality of the application is to create professional websites and portals effortlessly.

Data with Little Informative Value Are

Your Challenge without Power Pages

Does this sound familiar to you? You need a new website at short notice to inform your customers and business partners about your products and services. But your development department doesn’t have time to implement it and the budget isn’t set aside for outsourcing the web design?

You need a solution that conserves your resources and delivers high-quality results at the same time.

Create Websites and Portals

With the Solution: Power Pages

Configure dynamic, responsive, and secure websites for Dynamics 365 Business Central with Microsoft Power Pages (formerly Portals) – Whether with or without programming knowledge.
Thanks to the low-code approach, uncomplicated and rapid conception, creation, configuration, and publication of websites are made possible. Power Pages offers a wide range of application possibilities and can thus be optimally used across industries.
The functionality of Power Pages consists of four components, making it accessible to everyone:

  • Design Studio (Design, create, and publish websites in corporate design)
  • Template Hub (Extensive, customizable templates for various applications such as websites, FAQs, meeting planning, and customer self-service portals)
  • Learning Hub (Training materials, tutorials, videos, and documentation)
  • Code Editor (Edit websites using an integrated code editor)

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Power Pages Examples:

Examples from Practice for Power Pages for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Power Pages can be used for different scenarios. We have put together three examples for you:

  • Portal of a wholesaler where customers can reorder products (automate manual sales processes and digitize supply chains/sales processes)
  • Platform for scheduling product consultations (aid in scheduling)
  • FAQ pages as an addition to customer service (information about complex products)
Why Power Pages for Dynamics 365 Business Central?

These Are Your Benefits

For Non-Techies

Thanks to the intuitive design studio and numerous templates, Power Pages makes website creation possible for everyone. Save valuable time and resources when creating new websites.

Seamless Connection

Connect Power Pages with the Microsoft Dataverse for form and table filling in seconds. Easily integrate other Microsoft products and unleash your full potential.

Secure Management

Keep an eye on all your websites via the practical dashboard. Manage rights & roles of individual users with access control and maintain control over sensitive business data.

Still Have Questions About Power Pages for Business Central?

Find Your Answers in the FAQs

  • What is Power Pages used for?

    Power Pages provides an intuitive platform to create dynamic, responsive, secure and data-based corporate websites – Without writing a line of code (low-code application).

  • What does Microsoft Power Pages cost?

    Power Pages offers subscription plans as well as usage-based payment. Under the subscription plans, you can choose either per authenticated user per website or per anonymous user per website. Usage-based payment rates require an Azure subscription and can also be selected based on authenticated or anonymous users. For a more detailed overview, please visit our Prices page.

  • What templates are available for Microsoft Power Pages?

    Microsoft Power Pages contains a selection of different templates that make it even easier to create new websites. The “Starter layout” offers the basic building blocks for setting up websites and comes in different variations. The “Book meeting” template makes it easier to plan appointments, events etc. and is transferable to all sectors. You can use the “extracurricular courses” template not only in an educational context, but also to create registration websites in any industry and organization. You can create websites for submitting applications with the “Building permit application” template.

  • How is security taken into account in the Power Pages?

    Of course, security is the top priority: users can be authenticated via various providers such as Azure Active Directory, Google, LinkedIn or Facebook. Manage the rights and roles of individual users with the comprehensive access control.

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