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Cloud Strategy

You’re unsure whether cloud solutions are suitable for your company or you need a roadmap to implement a cloud solution? We’re here to advise you.

Becoming Cloud Ready:

#BecomingCloud­Ready through Our Consulting

The cloud trend continues to grow. Do you want to develop your individual cloud computing strategy? Then you’ve come to the right place. Because digitization and cloud solutions for medium-sized businesses are our passion. In our cloud computing consulting, we are happy to address your individual questions about cloud migration. In implementation, we specialize in Microsoft technologies. These include Azure infrastructure, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365 or Office 365, and the Power Platform. Sounds quite technical at first? Don’t worry, we won’t leave you alone in the jungle of technical jargon. We’ll clarify the questions together in an understandable way.

Are You Concerned About It?

Challenges in Your Cloud Strategy

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Cloud Model

IaaS, PaaS, SaaS? The choice of a cloud model depends on your requirements.

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Cloud Tools

ERP in the cloud? Telephony via Teams? The tools are tailored to your needs.

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Cloud Migration

Direct migration, hybrid extension, or new development? We adapt to your needs.

Cloud Strategy with anaptis:

Our Solution: Cloud Computing Consultancy

A cloud strategy is highly complex. There is no one-size-fits-all approach that can be universally applied to every company. We delve into your questions together as part of our cloud computing consulting.

  • We present you with different solution paths because a cloud strategy is individual. There is no one-size-fits-all approach that can be universally applied to every company.
  • We show you potential models, technologies, and migration paths.
  • We engage with you on an equal footing – without any technical jargon.
Let's Get Started?

Commence the Cloud Computing Consulting as Follows:

  • Non-Binding Inquiry
    You express interest in developing a cloud strategy. In your inquiry, you tell us about your project or the challenges you’re facing.
  • Qualification of the Inquiry
    We review your inquiry. If we’re confident we can assist you, the next steps are as follows: To ensure we assign the right point of contact, we typically reach out to gather additional information promptly.
  • Initial Consultation
    You have an appointment with one of our experts. In an informal initial discussion, you’ll get to know each other and both have the opportunity to assess whether there’s a good fit. Additionally, we’ll discuss your project in more detail and explain how we can specifically assist you.
  • Analysis of the Current Situation
    When you hire us to develop a cloud strategy, we first analyze your existing IT infrastructure:

    • Where do you currently stand with regards to the cloud?
    • How are your applications currently deployed?
    • Where are your data stored?
    • What systems are in use?
    • What level of service, support, and maintenance is provided?
  • Concept
    In the next step, we’ll illustrate the potentials of a sustainable cloud strategy for your company and processes. Additionally, we’ll collaboratively develop your target IT architecture, optimizing the use of cloud resources. As a result of the analysis, you’ll receive documentation enhanced with specific implementation suggestions that we tailor for you. This equips you with a solid decision-making framework for your cloud strategy and allows you to move forward confidently.

    Should you wish to proceed with the implementation suggestions, we’ll create a customized offer based on the concept.

Seeking Clarification:

FAQs about Cloud Strategy

  • What are the benefits of migrating to the cloud?

    Here are some notable advantages compared to the local On-Premises version. The following benefits apply to Dynamics 365 Business Central Online (Cloud):

    • Automated updates according to predefined update cycles, largely without administrative effort
    • Manageable monthly usage fee (including maintenance, infrastructure, personnel)
    • No responsibility for data privacy, security, and resilience (handled by Microsoft)
    • No need for hardware
    • Unlimited use of development objects
    • Automatic backup to a secure location
    • No need for SQL Server licenses
    • Many activatable standard interfaces
    • Optimized interaction with other Microsoft tools
    • Available test environments

    You can find the complete comparison in our blog article “Dynamics 365 Business Central – Cloud oder On-Premises” (German article).

  • What should we consider before establishing the cloud strategy?

    Often, the starting point for establishing a cloud strategy in companies is in the IT department or senior management. To ensure the success of this project, it’s crucial to quickly involve additional advocates who can serve as positive ambassadors.

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