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ERP Solution for Production

Believe it or not, it doesn’t have to be an industry solution. We improve producers with our standards-based approach.

Useful for most Industries:

ERP Standard Solution instead of Rigid Industry Solution

We have not committed ourselves to specific sectors. Nevertheless, we now have a number of production customers and are very familiar with the challenges in this area. What is our approach to ERP software for production? In a nutshell: We always use the standard ERP solution Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Dynamics NAV/Navision) as a basis and add other technologies such as Microsoft Office 365, the Microsoft Power Platform and industry-specific add-ons. If necessary, we can also program individual adaptations for you. This is what sets us apart from our competitors. Your system remains updatable and you remain independent of the partner company.

Standard ERP solution

Experience has shown that we can map the majority of our projects in the Dynamics 365 Business Central standard. The system standard includes all processes (e.g., finance, warehouse).


If the standard solution is not sufficient, we can easily solve some challenges with add-ons and Microsoft products (e.g., Microsoft 365, Microsoft Power Platform).


If you require further special functionalities, we can solve your challenges with individual adaptations. Contact us and we will be happy to advise you on your request.

ERP Software for Producers:

Functions for ERP Software in the Area of Production/Manufacturing

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Managing Materials

It remains the central task of an ERP system to plan resources in order to supply production with all necessary materials. Especially in the area of JIT manufacturing, timely material supply is crucial. In procurement and disposition, you are often faced with a dilemma: On the one hand, goods must be available in sufficient quantity to serve customers quickly. On the other hand, excessive inventory levels should be avoided. With Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can professionalize your purchasing. The system links all information flows (especially goods flows) in the company and enables transparent inventory management. This way, you always have everything in view and can also (partially) automate your ordering process. Based on your consumption/demand, the system automatically determines the optimal order quantities and times, and can also trigger orders automatically if necessary.

The following customizations are also possible and popular:

  • Electronic data interchange (add-on)

    With Anveo EDI, you can easily exchange data

    • with your customers (e.g., orders, invoices, credit notes, delivery notes, item data, availabilities, prices),
    • with partner companies (improved business relationships through automated processes),
    • with suppliers (e.g., order processing, confirmations, availabilities, or delivery notes), or
    • between locations/clients (e.g., financial data and item information).
  • Pallet movements (customization)

    If necessary, we will program a customization for an overview of pallet movements:

    • How many pallets do we owe to the customer?
    • Have we delivered the pallets to the customer?
    • How many pallets does the customer owe us?
    • Have we received the pallets from the customer?
  • Pallet management (customization)

    When goods are shipped on pallets by freight forwarders, it is important to know the size and weight of the pallets in order to inform the freight forwarder. In addition, the goods must be flexibly distributed on pallets. We will program a customization for you to easily organize and manage the pallets. This will allow you to determine the dimensions and total weight. Creating pallet lists for loading and bill of materials for pallet construction would also be possible.

  • Continuous inventory (customization)

    During the execution of point-in-time inventories, business operations are often closed for hours or days. External service companies are also used for counts. This effort can be minimized by continuous inventory. We offer you a solution that can be used in parallel with day-to-day operations in Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Dynamics NAV/Navision). Inventory employees receive a personal stack of counting lists (export from Dynamics 365 Business Central) that still need to be processed. After counting – For example, using a scanner – The data is recorded and transferred back to the Dynamics 365 Business Central standard.

  • Overdelivery (customization)

    For goods such as sand and foils, delivery quantities sometimes vary. With our customization, it is possible to vary the delivery quantities in your ERP system within certain limits (e.g., 10 %). An imaginable example would be if instead of 1.5 tons of sand, 1.55 tons of sand were delivered.

    This function is included in purchase orders from Dynamics 365 Business Central 17 onwards as standard, but not in sales. This exemplary customization refers to the latter.

  • Underdelivery (customization)

    It is possible for a company, for example, to order 10 tons of a raw material but only receive 9 tons.

    As a result, one ton would remain outstanding in the order and the order would remain open. Employees would have to manually reduce the quantity in the order and delete the order.

    We will program a customization for you, with which you can easily specify that it is an underdelivery. Then the order will be automatically closed and the purchase order deleted.

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Managing Products

Nowadays, the trend is moving from mass production to flexible (small) series production. Companies need to be able to produce individual products and multiple variants in no time at all.

Dynamics 365 Business Central supports you in managing products. You can store all relevant product data and create and maintain parts lists. Recipes can also be managed in this way.

The following customizations are also possible and popular:

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Managing Machines

In Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can easily manage your equipment and production assets. You can ensure periodic depreciation, view maintenance costs, manage insurance, book asset transactions, and generate reports. Resale can also be handled.

In addition, the following customizations are possible and popular:

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Planning Production

In today’s production, it is important to meet deadlines, minimize lead times, and optimize inventory.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central helps you with this. Easily plan and control your production (PPS). Schedule material, financial, and human resources. Generate work orders and thus combine work sequences. Additionally, create production orders. You can link raw materials and operations required for product manufacturing in them – either manually or automatically from the disposition.

The following customizations in production planning software are also possible and popular:

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Production and Sending

In Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can map a variety of manufacturing structures and types and ultimately manage your production. But that’s not all, you can also manage downstream processes such as picking, assembly, and shipping with the system.

The following customizations are possible and popular:

  • Picking via pick-by-voice (interface)

    We will program an interface for you to the Pick-by-Voice solution and thus to a paperless picking system of your choice.

  • Multi-stage picking (customization)

    To save travel distances and thus time and costs, multiple goods issues are consolidated into one picking order. For example, goods issues are grouped together whose associated items are stored in the same shelf or at least close to each other. Warehouse employees then use a cart with multiple color-coded boxes for picking. One box is assigned to one order. The ERP system then determines the most efficient route and warehouse employees receive instructions via a mobile device on which shelf to go to, which items to pick, and into which colored box each item belongs.

  • Assembly (customization)

    In the standard Dynamics 365 Business Central, an assembly order is only broken down into its individual items during picking. With our programming, however, this happens one step earlier in assembly.

  • Route Planning (interface)

    For optimal route planning, we implement an interface to a software of your choice (e.g., Wanko, PTV). This allows you to optimize your routes – Even across personnel.

  • Shipping processing and label printing (add-on)

    For optimal shipping processing and label printing, we offer you an interface to the Add-On Comsol Multiship.

  • Shipment tracking (interface)

    For shipment tracking, we will program an interface for you to a system of your choice (e.g., DPD).

  • Customs declaration (add-on)

    With the Add-On Comsol Exposys Zoll Atlas AES, exporting companies can directly report their exports to the Atlas procedure of the German customs administration from Dynamics 365 Business Central. The entire declaration (MRN), the approval process, the export accompanying document (ABD), and the export certificate are transparently available digitally to all sales and shipping clerks.

Enjoy the Benefits Now:

Your Dynamics 365 Business Central Benefits

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Standard Solution

It is our top priority to implement your requirements as closely as possible to the standard. Your system should be updatable and you should remain independent.

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With Dynamics 365 Business Central, you are always flexible and free. Whether it’s storage, users, or add-ons from AppSource – The system scales with you.

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You can currently run Dynamics 365 Business Central on servers in your own company (On-Premise), online (from the Cloud), or in a hybrid environment.

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By using interconnected data, you can easily create reports and analyses in real time, identify trends and forecasts, and make well-informed decisions.

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Microsoft Tools

You can seamlessly integrate the ERP system with Microsoft tools (e.g., Microsoft 365, Power Platform) and experience the unified Microsoft look and feel.

ERP Software in Production/Delivery:

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