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Level Up:

Optimize Processes Sustainably

Your processes are not quite smooth, and your ERP solution no longer reflects your real workflows? Are you finally looking to optimize your processes? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! These are common issues faced by many mid-sized companies. Together, we’ll restructure your processes and identify potential cost-saving opportunities. So, what are you waiting for? Gain a competitive edge and sustainably improve your processes within the company.

Are You Concerned About It?

Challenges in Your Process Optimization

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No Objectivity

Frequently, employees have been with a company for a long time, making it difficult for them to objectively assess processes. This is often referred to as “operational blindness.”

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No Time

Processes cannot be easily optimized on the fly during day-to-day operations. It makes sense to address this separately from daily business activities.

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No Experience

Most people lack experience when it comes to optimizing business processes and rectifying errors. Don’t worry, that’s normal.

Professionally Optimize Processes:

Our Solution: Process Optimization Consulting

We primarily focus on optimizing processes within companies. This means that technologies are only applied in a secondary capacity. Here’s what we do:

  • We thoroughly examine your processes.
  • We then advise you on the potentials for process optimization.
  • You receive comprehensive documentation for each consultation, making it easy for you to follow the different steps.
  • The decision on how far we go with our advice is up to you.
Let's Get Started?

Starting the Process Optimization Consulting

  • Non-Binding Request

    You express your interest in consulting for process optimization. In your inquiry, you tell us about your project or the challenges you face.

  • Qualification of the Request

    We’ll review your request. If we’re confident that we can assist you, we’ll proceed by assigning the appropriate contact person. We’ll typically reach out to gather some additional information.

  • Initial Consultation

    You have an appointment with one of our experts. In an informal initial meeting, you’ll have the opportunity to get to know each other and see if there’s a good fit. Additionally, we’ll discuss your project in detail and explain how we can help you specifically.

  • Analysis of the Processes

    Then we’ll schedule a meeting with you and thoroughly examine your processes:

    • Where are there unnecessary loops?
    • Where is communication poor?
    • Do we have friction losses?

    We identify factors that hinder and delay your actions. Depending on the scope, multiple appointments may be necessary for this step.

  • Action Plan

    Then, based on the previous session, we identify measures to optimize processes. Our team systematically develops proposals to optimize your operations in the long run.

  • Implementation

    At your request, we are also happy to take on the implementation of process optimization (not included in the price). The decision is yours.

Seeking Clarification:

FAQs about Process Optimization Consulting

  • How can a process be optimized?

    We recommend having the process optimization carried out by objective experts. When working with us, we start by thoroughly examining your processes and analyzing factors causing current challenges. We identify improvement potentials and describe corresponding measures for implementation, taking into account urgency and priorities. As a result, you’ll receive our action plan, providing structured suggestions for process optimization.

    Subsequently, it’s up to you to weigh benefits against effort and implement our action plan (optionally with us). This typically involves prioritizing tasks to be tackled sequentially. Finally, documenting and communicating these actions is essential.

  • Why is process optimization important?

    The results of process optimization can vary significantly depending on the current situation. Based on the status quo, we distinguish the following goals or benefits:

    • Improvement of processes (e.g., through digitization of a process)
    • Increase in productivity (e.g., better technical/organizational equipment)
    • Enhancement of quality (e.g., establishment of quality assurance processes)
    • Reduction of lead time (e.g., avoidance of waiting times)
    • Reduction of resource consumption (e.g., automation to save personnel resources)
    • Shortening of distances (e.g., through changes in structure)
    • Reduction of communication barriers (e.g., through software/IT tools)
    • Avoidance of security risks (e.g., through establishment of security protocols)
  • What are the characteristics of an effective process?

    A process is considered good when it leaves no room for improvement in terms of productivity, throughput time, quality, resource consumption, distances, communication, and security risks. It should be transparently communicated and documented, and employees involved should have a process-oriented mindset.

    The reality is that over time, issues may arise within your processes, so it’s essential to regularly seize the opportunity to optimize them.

What Are You Waiting For?

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