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More Than Just a Software Project:

Motivating the Team with the Help of Change Management

ERP projects are not small side projects that run in the background. They are not purely IT projects either. Management, project leadership, and key users must actively participate and act as positive voices in the company. They significantly contribute to the success of the project and the change process. A crucial keyword: Change Management in ERP projects. We’ll show you the common challenges companies often face and how we solve them.

Are You Concerned About it?

Challenges in Your ERP Project

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Involving the Team

Your team is the driving force in the project. Foster a sense of unity, address questions, and alleviate concerns.

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Communicate regularly during the project to ensure your team accepts the change and does not resist.

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Educating the Team

Educate your team so that the new technology can unleash its full potential and the team can recognize its benefits.

Change Management and ERP:

Our Solution: Change Mangement in ERP Projects

Our experiences from numerous projects in recent years have shown us what truly matters. We’ve witnessed worst and best practices in companies. In our consultation, we aim to share this knowledge with you and support you in your ERP project. Our goal is to ensure that your team embraces, lives, and does not cling to old habits throughout the change brought by the ERP project. This is what we value:

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Communicating Goals

What reasons or goals have initiated your ERP project? Motivate your team and foster openness by openly and convincingly communicating your goals. Pull together in the same direction.

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Selecting Key Users

Key users must provide us with requirements, test functions, and participate in meetings. Choose the right key users and create good conditions, such as redistributing capacities or covering for absences.

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Facilitate Feedback

Change management in the ERP project becomes successful when you regularly seek feedback from your team. This helps prevent resistance and confusion among individuals.

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Ensure Culture

At the end, it’s important to anchor the transformation in the culture to ensure lasting changes. Examples: New policies and processes, ongoing training and support.

Let's Get Started?

Starting the Change Management in the ERP Project

  • Non-Binding Inquiry
    Change management, as the name suggests, takes place in conjunction with a change project. For example, when introducing/upgrading software. It does not stand alone. Typically, companies request an ERP project from us and also seek assistance in change management. In your inquiry, you tell us about your project or the challenges you face.
  • Inquiry Qualification
    We’ll review your inquiry. If we’re confident that we can assist you, the process continues: We’ll typically contact you promptly to gather some additional information so we can assign the right point of contact to assist you.
  • Initial Consultation
    You have an appointment with one of our experts. In an informal, initial discussion, you’ll get to know each other, and both parties have the opportunity to assess if there’s a good fit. Additionally, we’ll discuss your project in more detail and explain how we can specifically assist you.
  • Presentation
    After our experts have thoroughly acquainted themselves with you and your project, typically, a presentation session takes place. We’ll introduce you to our company and our project methodology, and if necessary, show you relevant areas in the software.
  • Workshop
    Following that, a workshop is conducted. During this session, we discuss in detail mutual questions and expectations, and we explore how we can implement your requirements in a standard-compliant manner (gap-fit analysis) while involving your team.
  • Rough Concept Including Proposal
    Subsequently, we document the results of the workshop in a rough concept and prepare a proposal for you. Upon signing the contract, the ERP project, including change management, begins.
Seeking Clarification:

FAQs on Change Management in ERP Projects

  • Why is change management so important?

    Change management is crucial because it helps companies navigate successful transformations and remain competitive in an evolving market. Through effective preparation and execution, businesses can avoid negative impacts, mitigate resistance, and ensure that changes are successfully implemented.

  • What are the success factors for successful change management?

    The key components of successful and sustainable change management include the following:

    • Knowing goals and communicating them convincingly
    • Communicating change and associated goals
    • Training and preparing employees
    • Monitoring progress and gathering feedback (potentially adjusting)
  • How can companies reduce resistance?

    Companies can reduce resistance to change by involving their team in the change process. What does that mean specifically?

    • Communicating the reasons for the change
    • Communicating the benefits
    • Addressing any concerns or questions from employees
    • Training employees and offering support
  • What role do leaders play in change management?

    Leaders should lead by example, especially in change management. Their role is crucial. This includes:

    • Communicating the necessity of changes
    • Providing guidance and support to employees
    • Exemplifying desired behaviors
    • Creating a culture that supports change (e. g., providing resources, redistributing capacities, offering support)
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