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Part of the Microsoft Power Platform:

Microsoft Power BI for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Power BI is one of the components of the Microsoft Power platform alongside Microsoft Power Apps, Microsoft Power Automate and Microsoft Power Pages. The BI system visualizes data from a variety of sources.

Data with Little Informative Value Are

Your Challenge without Power BI

Do you have an overview of the performance of all branches? Can you evaluate the reasons for complaints from your customers? Can you visualize key sales figures that are critical to success, broken down by region and time period? No? Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to stay that way.

Then let us change that. Your data is probably currently scattered across various sources and you lack an overview. This makes it difficult or extremely time-consuming to make well-founded decisions.

Visualizations from Multiple Sources

Through the Solution: Power BI

How does Power BI work? Microsoft Power BI is an interactive business intelligence tool for data visualization. With Power BI visualizations, you can keep an eye on all important developments in your company at all times. You can easily create clear live dashboards and reports based on a variety of data sources and monitor your company easily – Even from your smartphone. This allows you to resolve the inefficiency of isolated data sets and take targeted measures more quickly.

It’s easy to use: If you are looking for specific data, you can ask a question in natural language in Microsoft Power BI and the BI system will suggest visualizations. You can also use your existing data, forecasts and trends. What more could you want?

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  • Power BI Examples:

    Examples from Practice for Power BI for Dynamics 365 Business Central

    Power BI can be used for a wide variety of scenarios. We have put together some Power BI visualizations for you. Can you find your situation in an example?

    • Dashboard on company development (e.g., market share, sales, sentiment, competition by regions and timeframe)
    • Multi-tenant/enterprise-wide analytics (e.g., order backlog or sales by postal codes and branches)
    • Overview of personnel figures (e.g., new hires compared to the previous year, by gender, age, or percentage change)
    • Sales dashboard (e.g., Germany map indicating target and actual sales numbers)
    • Analysis of reasons for complaints (e.g., faulty materials)
    • Utilization of supplier discounts (e.g., by regions, cities, months, or categories)
    Why Power BI for Dynamics 365 Business Central?

    These Are Your Benefits


    Create comprehensive tables, interactive diagrams and easily integrate map services. You can also share these with your team.

    Many Data Sources

    You can link data from a wide variety of tables (e.g., stock value and item price). You are not limited to one application.

    Basis for Action

    You can keep an eye on developments and recognize immediately when action is required. This makes it easier for you to make decisions and convince third parties.

    Still Have Questions about Power BI for Business Central?

    Find Your Answers in the FAQs

    • How does Power BI work?

      With Microsoft Power BI, you can visualize your data in a variety of display options (e.g., dashboard of company development, target and actual sales figures). Consolidate data from different data sources and reduce manual activities. The consolidation of data from a wide range of different sources resolves the inefficiency of isolated databases in particular.

      In addition, you can recognize the need for action more quickly and take more targeted action by sharing it with your team, other departments or management.

    • What is Power BI Desktop?

      Power BI Desktop is a free application that you can install on your local computer. This allows you to connect to your data via various data sources on your desktop, combine them in a data model and visualize them (summarized: modeling). You can update your visualizations at the touch of a button (not automatically). Please note that sharing with colleagues is not possible with Power BI Desktop.

    • Is Power BI free of charge?

      The price of Power BI depends on the chosen features and subscription duration. You have the option to choose between Power BI Desktop (free), Power BI Pro (starting from € 8.40 per user per month), and Power BI Premium (starting from € 16.90 per user per month).

      You can find a price and feature overview on our Prices page.

    • Is Power BI Desktop free of charge?

      Yes, Power BI Desktop is a free application.

    • Is Power BI included in Office 365?

      Power BI is not included in Office 365 as a standard. Only Power BI Pro is included in Microsoft 365 E5. You can find an overview of licensing options on our Prices page.

    • Self-Service BI (SSBI) - just marketing or reality?

      Self-Service BI is easily achievable with pre-built standard tables. These provide a rough overview of typical metrics (e.g., revenue, costs, customers). If the company also has IT personnel, additional requirements beyond these standard tables can usually be managed in-house. This is a matter of effort and IT competence. In our opinion, the difficulty lies in data extraction from the system. Often, the requirements on the company side are very complex. It is important to write the right system queries and know where in the system data can be obtained. However, visualization or visual customization is simple and user-friendly. So, if the company has the necessary data, visualization is feasible. The self-service BI approach is therefore not an empty marketing promise and is limited possible.

      However, if a company wants to present specific case studies beyond these standard tables, they often consult Microsoft partner companies. Examples include: production analyses, proportion of faulty products, analyses by clients (e.g., branches), procurement analysis, sales by region, overview of personnel figures, and sales dashboards.

      We advise you to weigh effort and benefit and to seek out a competent and experienced Microsoft partner company for your first complex Power BI project. This will help you achieve your goal of desired data visualization and also learn how to use Microsoft Power BI yourself.

    • Can I use Power BI with my local Dynamics NAV environment?

      Yes, you can. To be able to use Power BI with the local Microsoft Dynamics NAV environment, the OData service must first be activated for the web service. The OData feed is used to provide the data basis from the SQL server. Which data is available can be checked under “Web services” in the client. The OData feed URL that Power BI requires to query the data can also be found there. Only the “Query” object type is initially relevant for Power BI. Many queries are already available as standard, such as a list of all sales orders by sales person. However, you can also create your own queries in the development environment with just a few clicks. These newly created queries must then be created in the web services before you can get started.

    • What is the best way to get started with Power BI for Dynamics 365 Business Central?

      In our workshop, you will learn how to generate added value from your data using Power BI. The workshop is aimed at medium-sized companies that are not yet familiar with the user interface of Dynamics 365 Business Central and want to delve deeper. Initially, we introduce you to the tool. In this part, we answer the following questions among other things:

      • What is Power BI?
      • What can Microsoft Power BI Desktop and Microsoft Power BI Online do?
      • Where/how can I use the applications effectively?
      • How do I integrate Power BI into Dynamics 365 Business Central or Dynamics NAV?

      Subsequently, we will jointly examine your use case and build an initial evaluation (workshop).

      We reserve the right to qualify your request by finding out during a brief phone call whether we can help you. After qualification, we will first have a conversation with you about your requirements so that we can tailor the introductory workshop to your needs and expectations.

      You can find the price on our Prices page.

    • Do you offer ready-made templates for Power BI for Dynamics 365 Business Central?

      Using classic dashboards and targeted analyses, you can uncover causes, identify correlations, understand changes, and identify trends. Through our cooperation with our partner navida, we offer ready-made Power BI templates. Fully integrated into Dynamics 365 Business Central/Dynamics NAV. Together, we offer you three packages or tools for Dynamics 365 Business Central: Finance, Sales, Purchasing.

      If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

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