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  • Change of Dynamics Partner

Change of Partner to anaptis

Are you dissatisfied with your current partner company? Give us the chance to excite and inspire you.

Improve Now:

Partner Change - What Are You Waiting for?

Let’s be honest: You wouldn’t be here if you were satisfied with your current partner company. Why is it important to have the right Microsoft Partner by your side? Because your success depends heavily on it. The best ERP system won’t benefit you if your partner isn’t able to get the best out of it for you. A good partner knows your company very well and can provide valuable support from an objective perspective – even proactively and not just reactively.

These Reasons Speak for Themselves:

Which Reasons Speak for Changing Partners?

Are you noticing signs that indicate a need for a partner change? Did the entire project with your current partner run unsatisfactorily? Or are you left alone in support? The following reasons were decisive for our current clients in changing partners to us:

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Deviations in the Project

Some customers experienced long delays or very high actual costs (significantly higher than the offer) with their previous partner.

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Little Experience in the Industry

Some customers have found that their partner is not as competent in the industry as stated.

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Too Complex Industry Solution

Some customers switch to us because they want to move away from the inflexible, highly complex and non-updatable industry solution.

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Bad Support

Some customers switch to us because they feel poorly looked after. For example, they lack a fixed contact person, active support and training.

Let's start?

Starting Your Partner Change

Below, we outline the typical path to your personalized offer for an upgrade. It’s important to note: Not every project follows the same process. This depends, among other things, on the expertise on your side and the size of the company. Accordingly, we tailor the process individually.

You will notice that we deliberately refrain from using a specification sheet or a requirements document for the ERP upgrade. For us, the collaborative agile development of the project plan holds high importance.

  • Non-Binding Inquiry

    You express your interest in changing partners to us. In your inquiry, you tell us about your intention or the challenges you are facing.

  • Qualification of the Request

    We review your request. If we are confident that we can assist you, the next step is to assign the appropriate contact person. We will usually reach out to you promptly to gather some additional information.

  • Initial Consultation

    You have a meeting scheduled with one of our experts. In an informal initial conversation, you’ll get to know each other and both have the opportunity to see if there’s a good fit. Additionally, we will discuss your concern in more detail.

  • Migration Plan

    Then we will create the migration plan. This includes a detailed analysis of your company, systems and technology, recommendations for action, and a plan for a smooth transition to us. Ultimately, it is very important to us in all our projects that you do not have to interrupt your daily operations.

  • Change of Partner Company

    After your commitment, the migration project to us will begin.

Decision Made Easy:

Why anaptis? Your Benefits


Why should you choose us as your partner company for ERP implementation from the vast Microsoft network? We provide you with an overview of what makes us unique.

  1. Close-to-standard and flexible approach
  2. Fair usage rights to the code
  3. Personalized support
  4. Honest and fair statements
  5. Experienced and reliable company
What Are You Waiting For?

Let's Craft Your Success Story together

Get to know us! In a free initial consultation, we’ll determine together if we, as a partner company, and the ERP system for medium-sized businesses, are the right solution for you and your company.

We are looking forward to your inquiry!


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