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ERP Introduction with anaptis

We are your reliable partner for introducing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Trust in our professional support!

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Finally Introducing an ERP System

We love the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Dynamics NAV/Navision) and are 100% convinced of its capabilities. We have been using it ourselves for many years and can assure you that you are making an excellent decision that you will not regret. It’s no coincidence that the ERP system has proven itself in various industries and companies worldwide. Lastly, ERP implementation is our daily business. We are happy to support you and ensure smooth and stress-free processes.

These Reasons Speak for Themselves:

What are the Reasons for Introducing an ERP System?

Are you noticing signs that indicate the need for an ERP introduction? Are you currently managing your data in multiple systems? Initiating processes manually? Laboriously compiling reports? You don’t have to. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, your company benefits from numerous advantages. Through ERP introduction, connect your departments such as inventory management, finance, and more in one solution. Make better decisions based on this consolidated data and grow at your own pace with your system.

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Interconnected Processes

End isolated silo solutions per department (production, sales, inventory management, finance). Connect all data in just one solution.

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Data Basis

The result of interconnectivity? A consolidated, up-to-date database. This enables you to make faster and more informed decisions.

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You’re growing and need more users or features? Scale the ERP solution as needed. It grows with you over time.

Start with anaptis Now:

Our solution: ERP Introduction

Our experts will implement the ERP solution for you, regardless of your starting point:

  • No system yet (often in startups/small businesses): Mostly manual organization (e.g., using Excel lists)
  • Another ERP system: Currently using another ERP system on the market
Our Customers Report:

A Selection of Our References

  • richard-denk

    Collaboration for over 15 Years

    We have been supporting and developing Richard Denk’s ERP solution since 2006. As a result, the upholstery manufacturer is more flexible, more productive and can work in a more customer-oriented way.
    logo richard denk
  • Let's Get Started?

    Starting the ERP Introduction

    Below, we outline the typical path to your personalized offer for software introduction. It’s important to note that not every ERP introduction project follows the same process. This depends on the expertise on your side and the size of the company, among other factors. Accordingly, we tailor the process individually.

    You will see that we consciously refrain from using a specifications document or a requirements document for ERP introduction. For us, the collaborative agile development of the project plan is of high importance.

    • Non-Binding Inquiry
      You express your interest in an ERP implementation. In your inquiry, you tell us about your project or the challenges you are facing. 
    • Qualification of the Request
      We review your request. If we are confident that we can assist you, the next step is to assign the appropriate contact person. We will usually reach out to you promptly to gather some additional information. 
    • Initial Consultation
      You have a meeting scheduled with one of our experts. In an informal initial conversation, you’ll get to know each other and both have the opportunity to see if there’s a good fit. Additionally, we’ll discuss your project in more detail and explain how we can help you specifically. We’ll also talk about required resources such as budget and timeframe. Furthermore, the personnel capacities on your side are an important topic. Why? Because the employees from all relevant departments need to support the IT company alongside their regular daily tasks, test functions, learn how to use the application, and provide feedback. The attitude needs to be right at this stage, and employees must be able to engage with the project.
    • Workshop
      The workshop (preferably in person) typically involves a larger group from both sides. From our side, involved and decision-making individuals participate, and from your side, the management and your future project leadership should attend. In order to proceed to a detailed proposal, we need your detailed requirements. To do this, we use, among other things, user stories following the schema: ‘In order to have this benefit, I want to be able to do this as a user.’ We define these together. The result of the workshop is a list of individual tasks, which are then evaluated through calculation into a rating system. In the end, a budget framework to be commissioned is created.
    • Concept Including Proposal
      After the workshop, we will draft the concept including the proposal (monetary and time investment). Depending on your preference, we can provide a fixed-price offer.

      In doing so, we distance ourselves from 1) tempting cheap offers with expensive follow-up costs and 2) quick and generic one-size-fits-all proposals. Openness and transparency are important values for us. We aim to communicate honestly and on an equal footing with you, and we do not seek to earn money through “hidden” costs. Additionally, it is important to us that you receive a solution that fits your company precisely and that you know exactly what to expect within the project scope. Therefore, achieving a realistic offer for your ERP project requires some time and effort from both sides.

      Subsequently, it is up to you to decide whether you want to proceed with the ERP implementation with us. If you approve, we will commence the project together using our anaptis project methodology.

    Seeking Clarification:

    FAQ about ERP Introduction

    • How much does an ERP system cost?

      The costs of an ERP introduction are highly individual and vary from company to company because they depend on many factors (e.g., deployment method, requirements, number of users, current data quality, internal effort). For a cloud ERP solution, the subscription is decisive, and you pay monthly or annually per user. For a local installation/On-Premises version, there are one-time license costs (per user), an annual maintenance contract, as well as internal infrastructure and possibly personnel costs.

      In our blog article “Kauf von ERP-Software: Wie Sie Ihr Budget definieren” (German article), we discuss how you can roughly estimate the budget for an ERP introduction.

      Alternatively, if desired, there is the option to lease your ERP project with us. For example, you can work with our leasing partner MMV and pay off your investment amount through an attractive monthly rate.

    • How long das an ERP introduction take?

      The duration of an ERP introduction varies from company to company. Different factors come into play, such as size and the proportion of individual requirements. Additionally, a distinction can be made between Cloud and On-Premises solutions.

      The deployment of the online solution takes only a few minutes. The setup duration of your On-Premises solution is longer due solely to the setup of the On-Premises (local) components, as the necessary server systems (database, application, etc.) need to be provisioned.

      Furthermore, the following points are relevant:

      • Possibly, assistance during system introduction (highly individual)
      • Possibly, setup of the Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) environment: creating new user accounts or transferring/synchronizing local Active Directory accounts for easier management (highly individual)
      • Possibly, integration of extensions (highly individual)
    • How does an ERP introduction process work?

      There are different methods of ERP introduction. Generally, a distinction is made between the waterfall model or an agile approach. We have developed our own agile methodology, which is a combination of both: Initially, we conduct high-level planning within 3-4 days (all necessary functionalities, project start, framework conditions). Detailed specifications and requirements documents are not needed.

      Then, we proceed with the introduction in 4-week iterative phases or sprints. In each phase, we plan the sprint, conceptualize the tasks and budget, and execute them. At the end of each phase, the client must test the implementations and assess the quality. Only then does the next implementation phase begin. Any unfinished tasks are transferred to the next implementation phase. This process repeats in each of the implementation phases.

      At the end, the implementations are compiled together. Subsequently, we train your team and allow them to thoroughly test the system before going live.

    • What are the reasons for the ERP introduction with anaptis?

      Why should you choose us as your partner company for ERP introduction from the vast Microsoft network? We’ll give you an overview of what makes us unique.

      1. Close-to-standard and flexible approach
      2. Fair usage rights to the code
      3. Personalized support
      4. Honest and fair statements
      5. Experienced and stable company
    • Why do ERP projects fail?

      There are several risks that can lead to the failure of an ERP project. These include, among others, underestimating the complexity, having an inadequate project team, lack of change management, or selecting an unsuitable system. You can find all the information in our blog:

    • Is there a checklist for ERP introduction?

      Yes, we do. In our download area you’ll find both a checklist for ERP selection and a whitepaper on ERP introduction from A to Z.

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