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Why anaptis as a Microsoft Partner?

We give you six advantages that clearly speak in our favor when choosing your partner company.

Why anaptis?

Top 6 Reasons for anaptis

Microsoft’s partner network is damn big. You are spoiled for choice.

So: Why anaptis as a Dynamics partner? Why should you work with us of all companies? What advantages do we offer that other Microsoft Dynamics partners in the Dynamics 365 Business Central area do not? We will explain this to you below.

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Fair Usage Rights to the Code

We know that other Microsoft partners want to reserve the right to the program code and thereby retain customers – We don’t believe in that. You should stay with us because you want to. As a customer, you receive fair usage rights for the individual content we have written for you, which also allow editing and access by third parties. You are therefore not dependent on us if you want to change service providers.

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We do not focus on industries and do not develop industry solutions. Why? Industry solutions are rigid, usually too complex and can only be updated to a limited extent. What do we do instead? We implement solutions for a wide range of industries and stay as close to the standard as possible. The result: The system remains updateable and you remain independent.

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Your future anaptis project team will regularly consist of a project manager and other consultants and developers. We are proud of our low staff turnover, which means that your contact persons are unlikely to change. On the contrary: They know your company and its processes very well and can provide proactive advice.

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Project Methodology

What also sets us apart is our unique project methodology. We take a structured but simple approach, aiming to maximize transparency and minimize your costs. We prefer workshops to specifications and avoid technical jargon when working together. We also explain complex topics to you in an understandable way.

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Honesty and Fairness

What you can always expect from us is openness, honesty and fairness. We don’t want to make eyes at you and disappoint you in the end. This means that we don’t lure you in with cheap offers and end up charging you dearly. We don’t give a blanket nod to all requirements without discussing them with you in detail. We do not promise short-term implementation and then have no capacity.

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We want to improve and develop every day. We want to help you get even more out of your data. After all, anyone can do basic. We work with the latest technologies and have even detached a team from the project business that deals exclusively with innovative solutions. This means that we are no strangers to technologies such as Microsoft Copilot – On the contrary.

Happy Customers:

100+ Customers Are Happy with anaptis

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    Collaboration for over 15 Years

    We have been supporting and developing Richard Denk’s ERP solution since 2006. As a result, the upholstery manufacturer is more flexible, more productive and can work in a more customer-oriented way.
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