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Cloud-Connector for Business Central

With the Cloud Connector for Business Central, you can upload, view, edit and download files from the cloud (e.g., files from emails, PDFs, images, videos) to Business Central and set intervals for the automatic archiving of reports.

The Connection to the Cloud Storage is

Your Challenge without the Add-On

Without the Cloud Connector for Business Central, you’ll face several challenges:

  • In Business Central Online (Cloud), you rely on limited storage space. This means you only have 80 GB available in the entire tenant. If you need additional GB, you’ll have to pay a significant amount each month.
  • Chances are, you currently manage your files through a decentralized mix of analog and digital files. This results in complex and chaotic folder structures for you and your team.
  • The mix of analog and digital storage locations, along with potentially missing access rights, makes file search and processing very cumbersome.
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BEYONDIT's Solution: BEYONDCloudConnector

BEYONDIT’s Cloud Connector for Business Central connects your ERP cloud system with your various cloud storage locations. This allows you to easily offload files and benefit from a unified structure.

  • Currently, the connector supports the online storage locations SharePoint, Azure Files, and Azure BLOB Storage.
  • You determine how your files are stored to keep track in Business Central and in the cloud storage.
  • You can schedule intervals for reports (e.g., booked sales invoices) to be automatically generated and stored in the cloud. For example, during the night (outside business hours).
  • You can manually upload files to the cloud using drag & drop.
  • You can view or download files from the cloud without leaving Business Central*.
  • Thanks to metadata and categories, files can be found within seconds.

*Users of SharePoint cloud storage can not only view files but also work on all common Office files (with multiple people simultaneously).

Manufacturer’s note: BEYONDIT GmbH is the manufacturer of the add-on and collaborates with distribution partners like us who introduce and support the add-on for businesses. Our partner company, BEYONDIT, founded in 2020, provides all IT services to its customers: Assistance in product development, development of custom apps, migrations, consultancy, and support. With the modern Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, and Azure product range, the company implements ERP, web, and app applications and develops solutions.

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All Details about the Add-On

  • Online (Cloud)
  • On-Premises

Please contact us if you have detailed questions about supported versions.

  • Dynamics 365 Business Central Essentials or Premium

Please contact us if you have detailed questions about supported versions.


The costs for the add-on cannot be given as a lump sum. It depends on exactly which functionalities you need and how many users you want to license. Please feel free to contact us.

Cloud-Connector for Business Central:

Which Benefits Does the BeyondCloud­Connector Offer?

Cost Savings

No need to pay for expensive, additional storage space for Business Central. Create a connection to SharePoint, Azure Files and Azure BLOB Storage.

Time Savings

The simplification and the possibility of automatically creating reports considerably reduces the effort involved in file storage and searching.

Better Overview

By standardizing storage locations, you and your team can find files quickly. Finally, you create a common storage location for everyone.

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