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The Lack of an Overview Is

Your Challenge without the Add-On

When is which team member scheduled where? When is which machine busy and how? Is there free capacity somewhere? Can I meet the agreed deadline? How does a change affect the overall planning?

In order to remain competitive, it is particularly important that production planning runs optimally. Ideally, you should have an overview of all orders, resources and capacities at all times. Is this the case in your company? Can you quickly answer the following questions by taking a look at your system? If this is not the case, don’t worry. Let’s tackle this together!

Plan Your Resources in the Best Possible Way with

Netronic's Solution: Planning Board for the Production in Dynamics 365 Business Central

The graphical planning boards from Netronic provide you with the possibility to visualize various planning areas using Gantt charts. The result: You always keep an overview of all resources, capacities, and orders. In the planning board software, you can easily plan by drag-and-drop, allowing you to react more quickly to changes in the planning. This reduces errors and saves time and money. It couldn’t be easier! Netronic has developed two add-ons for the production area (see differences below): Visual Production Scheduler and Visual Advanced Production Scheduler.

Manufacturer Note: The company NETRONIC is the manufacturer of the add-on and collaborates with distribution partners like us, who introduce and support the add-on in companies. Since 1975, NETRONIC has been the specialist when it comes to software for graphical planning. The solutions are always based on individual Gantt charts and are offered worldwide by over 200 partner companies.

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Weitere Informationen
Netronic whiteboard
Question for Theo Technology Interpreter:

How Does the Add-On Differ from Others?


It’s me, Theo the Technology Interpreter!

As a Technology Interpreter, I’d like to explain how the two add-ons (Basic and Advanced) differ and how they differ from the other add-on (Orderbase MegaBoard) for graphical product planning, which we offer from our partner Orderbase.

Features Orderbase MegaBoard Netronic Visual Production Scheduler Netronic Visual Advanced Production Scheduler
Interactive graphical planning board
Interactive forward planning
Creation of different planning scenarios
Display of available resources via the operational calendar
Machine availability check
Material availability check
Standby resources per workstation group
Locking of operations
Automatic sequence optimization ✔ Plans all orders ✔ Plans maximum one order
Definition of alternative workstations
Special color schemes
At a Glance:

All Details About the Add-On

  • Online (Cloud)
  • On-Premises

Please contact us if you have detailed questions about supported versions.

  • Dynamics 365 Business Central Premium

Please contact us if you have detailed questions about supported versions.


The costs for the add-on cannot be given as a lump sum. It depends on exactly which functionalities you need and how many users you want to license. Please contact us for advice. We look forward to helping you!

Production Planning in Dynamics 365 Business Central:

Which Benefits Does the Netronic Visual Production Scheduler Offer?

Satisfied Customers

You adhere to appointments better because you always have an overview of capacities and capacity utilization. Your customers will love it!

Better Overview

Everything always in view: The visualization of your planning gives you an overview of orders, resources and capacities at all times.

Fewer Errors

Thanks to the planning board, your planning is based on reliable information and is less prone to errors. Less work, better results.

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