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A Limited Range of Functions Is

Your Challenge without the Add-On

Are you currently finding it difficult to react flexibly to legal or organizational changes? Are you unable to implement the requirements and wishes of your employees in the area of personnel administration in a timely manner? Is data exchange with the tax office or social security not running smoothly at all?

We understand the challenge: Complexity in the field of personnel management is increasing. It’s no longer just about processing payroll. Instead, a contemporary payroll program must also serve as a modern communication tool and for data transfer to meet the growing demands. That’s exactly what we now offer you: A great solution.

Payroll Accounting with Microsoft Dynamics:

Infoniqa's Solution: Payroll Accounting in Dynamics 365 Business Central

The key to success is a satisfied team. That’s why it’s important, among other things, that they are paid on time and correctly. The Infoniqa Payroll 365 add-on (formerly NAPA3 by haveldata) for payroll and salary processing makes it easy to process payroll payments and provides straightforward access to relevant data and payroll statements. The provided calculation factors and statutory factors include, among others, assessment bases, a public holiday calendar, system wage types, and state-specific billing factors such as church tax. The integrated monthly process ensures that all important procedures are taken into account.

Nothing can be forgotten. Great, right? Because Payroll 365 accompanies you throughout the entire payroll process:

  1. Data maintenance of master and movement data (e.g., absences, wage types)
  2. Data verification for plausibility and timeliness
  3. Calculation according to legal regulations
  4. Execution of electronic reports and payments (including taxes and insurance)
  5. Printing and dispatch (e.g., via web portal, email, post, fax, e-post)

Manufacturer’s Note: Infoniqa is the manufacturer of the add-on and collaborates with distribution partners like us who introduce and support the add-on to companies. Our partner company Infoniqa Deutschland GmbH develops, markets, and operates solutions in the areas of HR software, payroll accounting, and payroll outsourcing. This allows the company to cover the entire employee lifecycle.

Below you will find more information about the functionalities of Payroll 365:

  • Evaluations

    In addition to the legally required reports, numerous other evaluations are available to you (e.g., anniversary list, absences or time sheets for employees).

  • Notification procedure within the social insurance system

    With the add-on, you can easily comply with the reporting procedures within social insurance:

    • Immediate notifications according to § 28a paragraph 4 SGB IV
    • Notifications within the scope of the data exchange of benefits in kind (EEL)
    • Application procedures for reimbursement under the Expense Compensation Act (AAG)
    • Reporting procedures to social insurance (DEÜV)
    • Requirements for separate notifications by the pension insurance carriers
    • Electronic application and certificate procedures A1
    • Machine query of the insurance number at the data center of the pension insurance
    • Electronic operational data reporting
    • Data transmission to accident insurance (UV)
    • Payment agency reporting procedure according to § 202 paragraph 2 Fifth Book of the Social Code (ZMV)
    • Contribution collection in the employer procedure for transmission to the professional pension institutions (BVE)
    • Electronic employment certificates (BA-BEA)
  • Numerous billing types

    Standard payroll

    • Provision of the payslip and other documents via portal or electronic delivery, e.g., E-POST
    • Company pension schemes – representation of all possible implementation options considering legal funding opportunities
    • Preparation of the payslip according to §108 GewO
    • Electronic certificate management – notifications to authorities, health insurance companies, accident insurance carriers, and tax offices, among others
    • Leave management

    Special payroll

    • Payroll for disabled individuals in sheltered workshops and integration projects
    • Payroll for individuals employed in maritime shipping
    • Payroll according to industry-wide collective bargaining agreements up to individual company agreements
    • Payroll and certification for short-time work allowance and seasonal short-time work allowance
    • Payroll and reporting for the construction industry (including SOKA-Bau, painting and varnishing trade, scaffolding construction)
    • Payroll for payment agencies (retirees)
    • Flexible special solutions for various industries (e.g., construction, trade, manufacturing, public sector, pension schemes)
    • Fee calculation for self-employed individuals in the artistic sector
    • Reporting and contribution procedures for insured individuals of the miners’ social security system
  • Garnishments

    The add-on also supports garnishments. Several garnishments are even possible at the same time.

  • Statistics

    • Labor cost survey
    • Earnings structure survey (Simplified statistical report to official statistics)
    • Sending data with eSTATISTIK.core
    • Quarterly earnings survey
  • Taxes

    The add-on also covers tax-relevant topics:

    • Electronic tax audit (GDPdU, Digital Wage Interface (DLS))
    • ELSTER I = Wage tax certificate, Wage tax declaration
    • ELStAM = Electronic wage tax deduction characteristics
    • Child benefit statistics (Child benefit notification according to §4 StStatG)
    • Tax certificates within the meaning of § 50a paragraph 5 sentence 6 EStG (limited tax liability)
  • Support for operational controlling

    In addition, there are some functions included that are very beneficial in conjunction with the controlling department:

    • Electronic transfer of data to financial accounting/cost accounting including machine-based evaluation options
    • Dimension analysis, including evaluations by cost center, cost object
    • Provisions (including vacation, accident insurance, equalization levy)
    • Variable cost allocation
  • Electronic data transmission procedure

    Lastly, electronic data transmission procedures are also supported:

    • Creation and transmission of operational pension schemes
    • German Stage Pension Fund (VddB)
    • German Cultural Orchestra Pension Fund (VddKO)
    • VBLU Insurances (Supplementary insurance association for federally and state-supported companies)
    • Supplementary pension institutions of public and ecclesiastical service (DATÜV-ZVE)
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    All Details about the Add-On

    • Online (Cloud)
    • On-Premises

    Please contact us if you have detailed questions about supported versions.

    • Dynamics 365 Business Central Essentials or Premium
    • Dynamics NAV

    Please contact us if you have detailed questions about supported versions.


    The costs for the add-on cannot be given as a lump sum. It depends on exactly which functionalities you need and how many users you want to license. Please contact us for advice. We look forward to helping you!

    Payroll Accounting in Dynamics 365 Business Central:

    Which Benefits Does Payroll 365 from Infoniqa offer?

    A System for Everything

    Set up master data and exchange data with internal and external parties from one system.


    Whether master or transaction data or new electronic reporting procedures – With Payroll 365 you remain flexible.

    Fully Integrated

    The Infoniqa Payroll 365 add-on is fully integrated into the existing Dynamics 365 Business Central modules.

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