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Missing Functions in the Standard System Are

Your Challenge without the Add-On

You may be familiar with the issue: In the standard system of Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Dynamics NAV/Navision), you can create items with multiple variants, but only one bill of materials per item. Therefore, you cannot create different assembly bills of materials for each variant. For example, if you produce furniture, you could create the base item “Table” with the variants “Red,” “Yellow,” and “Blue,” along with a bill of materials for this item. However, what you cannot do is create individual assembly bills of materials for each variant (e.g., a blue tabletop for the blue table).

How did companies solve this problem so far? Some have created variants as separate items. However, this inflates the item master, leads to loss of overview, and likely results in numerous duplicate variants. Others use alternative add-ons from competitors. These are often developed for complex production processes and are too large for many companies. In our opinion, the best solution is our add-on for variant configuration: anaptis Configuration.

anaptis Configuration:

anaptis' Solution: Variant Configuration in Dynamics 365 Business Central

With our app or variant configurator, anaptis Configuration for Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can create custom variants with individual bills of materials within a single item. For example, let’s say you manufacture furniture. Using anaptis Configuration, you can set up the base item “Table” in the system and add a “Red” variant with a bill of materials including a red tabletop, a “Yellow” variant with a bill of materials including a yellow tabletop, and so on.

Here are all the functions at a glance:

  • Create variant manually
  • Create variant from document (e.g., from order, quote)
  • Check for duplicates
  • Define resource types in the bill of materials (e.g., components, machines, employees)
Question for Theo Technology Interpreter:

To What Extent Does the Add-On Extend the Standard?


It’s me, Theo the Technology Interpreter!

As your Technology Interpreter, I want to explain to you in understandable terms how anaptis Configuration extends the standard of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. You’re going to love it!

Criterion System Standard anaptis Configuration
Creating different assembly bills of materials per variant
only as a workaround by creating a separate item

order-related from the sales line (flexible regarding customizations and individual orders)
Customer-specific configuration of an item
only by creating a separate item (lots of effort)

directly from the sales line (minimal effort)
Adding resources (machines or employees)
creating a new item if necessary

possible in advance, directly from the sales line
Automatic identification of duplicates
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  • At a Glance:

    All Details About the Add-On

    • Online (Cloud)

    Feel free to reach out to us with detailed questions about supported versions.

    • Dynamics 365 Business Central Essentials or Premium

    Feel free to reach out to us with detailed questions about supported versions.


    Navigate to the price overview of all products. There you will find the OPplus price list. You can also request an individual quote. For example, if you still have questions about the product.

    Introductory Workshop

    In this setup workshop, we will get the anaptis Configuration app ready for you so that you can finally configure your variants in a relaxed manner.

    Variants in Dynamics 365 Business Central:

    Which Benefits Does anaptis Configuration Offer?

    Easy to Use

    You will quickly find your way around: the design corresponds to the familiar Microsoft look and feel. This makes the app very user-friendly and familiarization requires little effort.

    Keep an Overview

    From now on, you maintain one basic article with several variants including parts lists. Your article master remains lean. This makes administration easy to follow and understand for everyone.

    Reduce Maintenance Effort

    Our add-on minimizes the effort required to maintain your product master data and significantly streamlines the processes in your assembly area.

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