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Thanks to the upgrade to Dynamics 365 Business Central, local watchmaker Meistersinger benefits from a modern ERP solution that takes management, sales and product development in particular to a new level.

Our Project with Meistersinger

The Münster-based company Meistersinger has been producing mechanical wristwatches since 2001, selling them to jewelers and directly to end customers. What makes them special: Only a single hand indicates the time. Founder Manfred Brassler incorporated this feature into the technical and cultural tradition of early watchmaking.

Since 2021, Meistersinger has been part of our client base. We upgraded the company from Dynamics NAV 2009 to Dynamics 365 Business Central, thereby contributing to significant improvements in corporate management, product development, and sales.


Team members

Initial Situation

“Before embarking on the search for a new ERP solution and a new partner company, we were using Dynamics NAV 2009. Our previous partner made very elaborate customizations and individual programming, making it difficult for us to upgrade to a newer version.

An upgrade was urgently needed as our system was now outdated and could no longer accurately reflect our day-to-day operations.

This includes, for example, the area of evaluations. It is important for us to know how often specific variant combinations (case and strap) are sold. Similarly, order entries by country are important. Furthermore, most of our service processes were still largely manual. For instance, we still manually created and emailed cost estimates in Word. Additionally, due to our industry, customers may buy watches from one jeweler and have them repaired at another. So far, the sold watches have not been managed as assignable items with serial numbers, meaning that if a watch needed repair, its history (e.g., components, delivery date) could not be assigned, and new service items had to be created in the system.

Thus, we set out to find a partner company that adhered to the system standard of Dynamics NAV and would perform an upgrade to a correspondingly standard-compliant system.

It was important to us that our individual requirements be realized only through minimal adjustments.”

Challenges/Wishes at a Glance:

  1. Outdated and highly customized industry solution (difficulty with upgrade)
  2. Limited evaluation options (e.g., sold variant combinations – also broken down by countries)
  3. Manual service processes (e.g., sending cost estimates)
  4. Lack of ability to assign sold watches (due to lack of management in the system based on unique serial numbers)
Set Focus:

The Goal

“Our goal was to upgrade to a system that is closer to standard and to maintain our future update capability. In doing so, we aimed to automate our service processes, expand our reporting, and establish our items in the system as assignable.”

“We embarked on the search for a suitable local partner company and came across anaptis. Our first conversation immediately gave us a very good feeling. We felt (and still do) that we are being advised very fairly and openly. We also liked the size and structure of anaptis with its dedicated teams.

Our future ERP solution, Dynamics 365 Business Central, also excited us right away. Particularly noteworthy is the modern and self-explanatory menu navigation (including help texts), the flexibility of the system, and its batch functions.”



“The project was implemented in individual sprints with regular review meetings. Many legacy data had to be transferred to enable us to fully trace past service orders. This was done professionally. We involved our 12 employees early on. Due to our company size, it was possible for all employees to participate in the first analysis workshop with our project leader and contribute their needs.

During the implementation, we particularly appreciated the quick and flexible support from our project leader. He understood our workflows beyond the software and questioned them to suggest improvements.

We really liked this neutral perspective, and we benefited greatly from it. His quick grasp allowed him to understand our needs quickly and always provide proactive assistance in setting up the software. Dynamics 365 Business Central was tailored to our needs – but we also questioned and adapted our processes positively in certain areas.”


“Through the anaptis Configuration app, we can now easily configure variants. From the sales line, we can now create multiple variants with different bills of materials for one item. Additionally, our reporting needs were met by incorporating the Microsoft Power BI product. Minimal adjustments were made, so we finally have the ability to see which variant combinations have achieved what sales/revenue in which countries.

Our individual requirements were realized through small customizations. With Dynamics 365 Business Central, we were finally able to semi-automate our service processes.

Today, cost estimates are automated and sent directly from the system via email. Additionally, our sold watches (i.e., combinations of case and strap) are finally managed as unique serial items, distinguishable and identifiable by serial number. If customers now take their watches to other jewelers for repairs, it is still known which watch it is (including its history, components, delivery date). Furthermore, we have introduced a general history or archive for repairs.

We are already planning further adjustments with our project leader (e.g., integration of the ERP system with an online shop or introduction of a digital warranty card for our watches).”

Improvements at a Glance:

  1. Upgrade to a system closer to standard with assurance of future upgrade capability
  2. Acquisition of a long-term contact at anaptis who knows us well and provides proactive advice
  3. Enhancement of corporate management through detailed reporting
  4. Improvement of service orientation and customer satisfaction through automated service processes and better data quality
  5. Enhancement of employee satisfaction through a modern, scalable ERP solution
Everything at a Glance:

Which Products Were Used?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is the ERP solution for connecting your business areas.
Microsoft Power BI
Microsoft Power BI is the business intelligence tool from Microsoft that helps you visualize data and generate reports.
anaptis Configuration
Our app, anaptis Configuration, is the tool for easy variant configuration.
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