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Missing Functions in the Standard System Are

Your Challenge without the Add-On

Be honest with yourself: How efficient are your financial processes? Do you and your employees frequently make careless mistakes in payments, banking, or when preparing financial statements? Or do you simply waste too much time due to cumbersome manual processes or lacking functionalities in the standard of Dynamics 365 Business Central? We understand the problem. Let’s work together to improve your processes.

Continia OPplus:

Continia's Solution: Transactions in Dynamics 365 Business Central

The OPplus add-on enhances payment import and export:

Payment import

  • View cleared items and associated payments
  • Automatic pre-accounting
  • Import customer advices
  • Create payment advices in CSV format for business partners
  • Perform transfers between bank accounts
  • Balance accounts
  • Manually assign remaining payments using search routines

Payment export

  • Display (not yet) due items
  • View cleared items and associated payments
  • Create cross-format payment proposals and payment runs (without the need for a booked document)
  • Display and potentially modify bank details and purpose in payment proposals
  • Offset small differences (e.g., cash discount postings) through payment proposal
  • Allocate total payment amount to multiple payee banks
  • Utilize release function for in-house security
Manufacturer Note: The company Continia Software is the manufacturer of the add-on and collaborates with distribution partners like us who introduce and support the add-on at companies. Our partner company Continia Software is committed to speeding up your processes. With over 25 years of experience, Continia has gained expertise in making Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central more effective.

In addition to this base module, there are several extension modules:

  • Extended asset accounting

    With the “Extended Asset Accounting” module, you expand your system standard with several new features:

    • Automatic reduction of acquisition costs when paying a purchase invoice for assets minus cash discounts
    • Freely definable templates for task creation
    • Booking of quantities on assets including the possibility to realize partial disposals
    • Separate representation of scrapping and sales including separate booking on separate accounts in the financial accounting
    • Utilization of meaningful reports (e.g., asset disposals and acquisitions, asset register, inventory list)
  • Extended item display and printing

    With this module, you benefit from the optimized display of items:

    • per general ledger account,
    • per debtor,
    • per creditor, on-screen and in print.

    Items can be annotated and printed as needed – on the account sheet, on the open item list, or separately. Additionally, you have the option to modify your booking text or external document number afterward. Generate balance confirmations with accompanying letters for debtors and creditors and send them via email.
    Furthermore, print meaningful evaluations such as:

    • Account sheets with shading and Excel exports
    • Open item lists with Excel export to review the open items retrospectively and simultaneously as of today
    • Payment behavior of debtor or creditor
  • Cash book and check depositor

    The free module “Cash Book and Check Depositor” is divided into two areas:

    Cash Book
    The “Cash Book” functionality includes a separate ledger sheet template for cash as well as the Cash Book journal. This allows you to manage your cash directly in OPplus 365 and print necessary reports directly from the system.

    In contrast to the standard ledger sheet, here you have the current balance of the cash account directly in view, as well as the balance after booking.

    Furthermore, the module includes a plausibility check to ensure that the cash balance cannot become negative.

    Check Depositor
    The “Check Depositor” functionality is suitable for companies that receive checks from their customers as payment for outgoing invoices and deposit them with their bank for credit. In this case, banks expect a filled-out check depositor. In practice, this is often filled out manually and later in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, a manual assignment of the checks (or the check credit) to the corresponding outgoing invoices is made again.

    Our module eliminates this double work as well as the limitation of the number of checks per check depositor. You enter the check amounts directly in the system, already set the offsets to open items, print the check depositor, and then book the recorded items.

  • OP-managing G/L accounts

    Analogous to debtors and creditors, you can also create open items on general ledger accounts here. You can print OP lists for general ledger accounts or export them to Excel: Especially for accounts like “Cash in Transit,” “Pass-through Items,” or “Prepaid Expenses,” this is a significant advantage. The benefits are clear:

    • Date-specific analysis through detailed general ledger items
    • Linking of items (same offsetting functions as with debtors and creditors)
    • Clear presentation of teh G/L accounts with the respective open items
    • Application of a report to automatically offset items
  • Multi-level cash discount

    With the “Multistage Cash Discount” module, you have the ability to store up to four additional cash discount formulas and cash discounts in percentage.

    These additional cash discount data are then taken into account in the payment import and payment export modules accordingly.

  • Payment by installments

    If you want to arrange installment payments with your creditors or debtors, you can use the option to generate installment payment documents with different due dates:

    • Two options (freely definable templates or manual)
    • When booking the original document
    • From the booked item
  • Treasury

    Especially when managing many clients, this module offers a lot of convenience:

    • Central access to open items, open payment import journals, and bank balances
    • Central management of all payment proposals
    • Convenient reallocation of payments within the treasury network and assignment to original items
    • Representation of cash pooling within the treasury network
  • Associations

    The flexible management of debtor/creditor associations and centralized settlement is very useful in conjunction with the payment import and export modules. In concrete terms, this means, for example, that you can combine several debtors into one association and clear several debtors in one step when clearing items. This means that you have invoices for different customers, but these are only paid by one customer.

    The module also includes the group. This means that you have the option of offsetting a customer with a vendor. You can use these offsets when importing bank statements in extended item clearing and you also have the option of making offsets in the payment proposal.

Question for Theo Technology Interpreter:

To What Extent Does the Add-On Extend the Standard?



It’s me, Theo the Technology Interpreter!

As a Technology Interpreter, I want to explain to you in understandable terms how the OPplus add-on extends the standard features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. You’re going to love it!

  • Payment import

    Criterion System Standard OPplus 365
    Bank account reconciliation
    Cross-client importing of bank statements
    Import CAMT
    Import MT940
    Extensive setup options for account assignments and offset findings
    Import CSV (for advice reading, also files from payment providers with OP offset)
    Accounting rules (with split of an amount into infinitely many split bookings with information on all eight shortcut dimensions)
    Business transaction code rules (with split of an amount into infinitely many split bookings with information on all eight shortcut dimensions)
    Automated multiple offset (for collective payments)
  • Payment export

    Criterion System Standard OPplus 365
    SEPA payments
    Same handling for debtor and creditor payment proposals
    Automatic discount options for debtor direct debits
    Cross-format payment proposals (e.g., payments to debtors)
    Payment proposal with general discount options
    Filtering options at item level for payment proposals
    Flexible customization of purposes of use
    Release function for creating payment data
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    Introductory Workshop

    In this set-up workshop, we will get you up and running with the basic payment import and export functions of the OPplus 365 app so that you can finally process your payment transactions more quickly and easily.

    Payment Transactions in Dynamics 365 Business Central:

    Which Benefits Does Continia OPplus offer?

    High Security

    Safety first! Benefit from a high level of internal safety thanks to the integrated release function.

    Save Time

    You can save time by using automatic suggestions and automating the account assignment of recurring postings.

    Act Flexibly

    The modular structure allows functions to be added flexibly – individually according to your needs.

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