Standard Solution in the Textile Industry

In the family-owned company Kümmel & Co. GmbH, we replaced the outdated and no longer updateable textile industry solution with a high-performance system.

Our Project with Kümmel & Co. GmbH

The company Kümmel & Co. GmbH is a family-owned textile company from Kitzingen, founded in 1965, specializing in the production of high-quality shirts and blouses for professional use.

With its approximately 20 employees, Kümmel focuses on different target groups such as companies and schools. With the Mainstick brand, Kümmel equips regional companies, practices, and clubs with team clothing in Mainfranken, which is embroidered or printed in-house. With the Dress for School brand, the company is one of the leading providers of school clothing in Germany.


Team members

Initial Situation

“Before we decided to implement Microsoft Dynamics NAV with anaptis GmbH (formerly Infosim GmbH & Co. KG) in 2018, we were using a tool specifically tailored to the textile industry. However, the tool eventually became outdated and no longer updateable. For example, we could neither retrieve economic indicators at all or only very cumbersome. Additionally, we had several requirements for a new system:
We hoped for a simple representation of our complex sales process. After all, we have three components: color, size, custom-made (e.g., particularly long shirt).

Furthermore, it was our concern to simplify packaging licensing to comply with the requirements of the VerpackG.

In addition, we wanted to integrate our school shops (based on Shopware), where parents can order school clothing for their children directly online, with our ERP system.

Lastly, we wished for a more efficient handling of rejects. After all, we face the challenge that we can hardly estimate how much fabric will be consumed before production. Finally, we wanted diverse and user-friendly controlling options.”

Challenges/Wishes at a Glance:

  1. Outdated and no longer updateable textile industry solution
  2. Desire for a simple representation of the sales process
  3. Desire to implement packaging licensing (compliance with the requirements of the VerpackG)
  4. Desire to integrate individual school shops
  5. Desire for an easy system-based handling of rejects
  6. Desire for meaningful controlling options
Set Focus:

The Goal

“Our goal was to replace our outdated and no longer updateable textile industry solution with a modern ERP system that can accommodate our individual processes (e.g., sales, packaging licensing, shop integration, rejects) and provides diverse controlling options.”

Partner Search

“The anaptis (formerly Infosim) was recommended to us by both our hardware provider in Würzburg and by a friendly neighboring company. As a result, we had initial very positive discussions and did not explore any alternatives. We particularly appreciated the local proximity.”



“During the implementation of Dynamics NAV, there was initially some resistance from employees due to the new system. However, by gradually transitioning processes and continuously demonstrating the benefits, we were able to find a satisfactory path for everyone.
We found anaptis (formerly Infosim) to be a solution-oriented company throughout. Communication was always prompt and straightforward, and we greatly appreciated always having a direct point of contact. These advantages have remained unchanged to this day.”


“We are very satisfied with the implementation of Dynamics NAV. With it, we have secured future viability/update capability, ease of use, and diverse analysis options (especially in controlling). Although there is still room for improvement in some areas, Dynamics NAV performs very well, especially in controlling. We have all the key figures readily available and can be informed about the current status of our company within minutes. Additionally, we like that we are independent from the partner company due to the standard solution and could essentially change the supporting company at any time.
Regarding our individual wishes:

We solved our complex sales process through matrix views. Color, size, and custom-made items form a variant. The warehouse location and availability are automatically checked. Furthermore, the representation is very clear.

We now comply with the requirements of the Packaging Act (VerpackG) as follows: We can directly enter the data for sales packaging in Dynamics NAV. As soon as necessary, we can export a tabular report showing which sales packaging was delivered with date, weight, and type of packaging. We can then easily report this to the central registration office LUCID and to the Central Packaging Register Foundation.

Furthermore, we have connected our individual school shops (based on Shopware) to Dynamics NAV, so today we can send documents like order confirmations from Dynamics NAV.

Finally, anaptis (formerly Infosim) has built an adjustment for us to simplify the handling of production rejects.”

Key Improvements at a Glance:

  1. Introduction of a modern and user-friendly standard ERP solution
  2. Easy representation of our complex sales process through matrix views
  3. Capability to directly capture data on sales packaging in Dynamics NAV and export a tabular report (fulfillment of VerpackG)
  4. Integration of individual school shops
  5. Adjustment for simplified handling of production rejects
  6. Process optimization in accounting/finance (especially company key performance indicators)
“Microsoft Dynamics NAV allows us to gain a better and more straightforward overview of our company and control numerous processes in a more user-friendly manner.”

Jörg Kümmel, Management, Kümmel & Co. GmbH

Everything at a Glance:

Which Products Were Used?

Microsoft Dynamics NAV
Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the ERP solution to integrate your company’s departments.
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