1 Automated System instead of Isolated Solutions

HIP Homann Import & Produktions GmbH & Co. KG was able to replace its stand-alone solutions with an integrated solution. Warehouse management and logistics were also optimized.

Our Project with HIP Homann Import & Produktions GmbH & Co. KG

The work of the producer and supplier HIP Homann Import & Produktions GmbH & Co. KG from Altenberge revolves around the screw. The company’s inventory is enormous. Comprehensive packaging services from screw bags to complete assembly kits also complement the offer.

For a long time, the company’s ERP consisted of isolated solutions. In order to increase the transparency and efficiency of the business, HIP decided in 2008 to implement software with anaptis. The implementation resulted in a trusting and long-term cooperation.


Team members

Initial Situation

Our IT landscape was characterized by isolated solutions, with which we processed individual areas of responsibility. For example, we used:

  • the Sage software for inventory management,
  • the DATEV software for accounting, and
  • we also had numerous subsidiary accounts, documents, and reports.

Eventually, the latter had reached a level that could no longer be managed with our old office software. Consequently, we urgently needed a new solution to ensure efficient and orderly processing of all processes. When selecting the IT company, it was important to us that, in addition to the ERP solution, comprehensive support for our entire IT landscape (network and hardware) is guaranteed from a single source.

Challenges/Wishes at a Glance:

  1. Replacement of various isolated solutions with one system
  2. Comprehensive support for our entire IT landscape (network and hardware) from a single source
Set Focus:

The Goal

“Our goal was to replace the many isolated solutions we currently had in use with a comprehensive solution. Additionally, the solution had to enable smooth inventory management and error-free procurement processes, as working at two locations posed a logistical challenge.”


“With anaptis, we have found a long-term partner company for the development and advancement of our IT landscape. Over the years, our collaboration has significantly contributed to the successful growth of our company. What used to be tedious manual work (e.g., price adjustments for individual debtors and debtor groups for loose and assembled items) is now completely automated and no longer dependent on individuals thanks to anaptis and Dynamics NAV.

The processes are much simpler, faster, and, above all, errors occur much less frequently. Anaptis has optimized the functions for pricing and entire inventory management – from procurement to sales to the creation of key business figures – very well.”

Improvements at a Glance:

  1. Easy document management
  2. All processes in one program
  3. Focus on growth potentials
  4. Smooth procurement process
  5. Automated business processes
  6. Correct documentation of goods traffic
  7. Comprehensive support for the entire IT landscape from a single source
“When you remain loyal to an IT company for such a long period, it means they’ve done many things right. Streamlining and transparency of business processes, customizations, updates, data backup concepts, hardware adjustments where appropriate. We have more than improved our IT status.”

Egbert Thies, Managing Director, HIP – Homann Produktions & Import GmbH & Co. KG

Everything at a Glance:

Which Products Were Used?

Microsoft Dynamics NAV
Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the ERP solution for linking your business areas.
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