80 % Time Saving thanks to ERP System

Palettenpool Deutschland was looking for a pallet account software and now benefits from higher productivity, better performance and a user-friendly design thanks to Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Our Project with Palettenpool Deutschland

Palettenpool Deutschland was founded in Soest in 2007. The company sells, exchanges, or rents exchangeable load carriers in the European market. The product range includes Euro pallets, Euro grid boxes, E2 crates, and H1 pallets.

In just two months, we implemented the Dynamics 365 Business Central cloud solution at Palettenpool, significantly improving productivity and performance.


Team Members

Initial Situation

“Before we approached anaptis, our core problem was the speed of our business software. At times, it took 13 to 14 seconds to move from one view (e.g., delivery note) to the next view (e.g., order). Additionally, frequent detours were necessary to complete tasks.
While the business software was competent and reliable in the standard sense, it was rigid and inflexible regarding individual challenges. Moreover, the design was not particularly modern or user-friendly.

Lastly, we knew that even though we had maintained a paperless office since day one, there was still potential for digitization. This included transitioning from our server-based solution to a cloud-based solution.”

Challenges/Wishes at a Glance:

  1. Issues with work and process speed
  2. Limited flexibility regarding individual customizations
  3. Lack of user-friendly and modern design
  4. Replacement of server-based software
Set Focus:

The Goal

„The goal was to implement a high-performance, user-friendly, and modern cloud solution that allows us to work even better.“

“We embarked on a search for a company to fulfill our project. Besides anaptis, we found no comparable partner company. Dynamics 365 Business Central also immediately convinced us, not only because of its user-friendly design and flawless performance.”



“As a result, the cloud solution was implemented within 2 months. No data from the old system was migrated to ensure a clean setup.”


“Besides the design and performance, we now benefit from many additional advantages. Today, we can create and manage pallet accounts. Furthermore, the following automations support us:

  • Automated booking of pallet movements (pallet account)
  • Automated and customized email sending
  • Independent financial accounting
  • Automated creation of transport orders for freight forwarders from the delivery note
  • Individually configured links within the document structures
  • Adjustments to the digitization requirements of our customers

Both the system performance and the automations now result in time savings of up to 80%. Moreover, we now work much more accurately.

Additionally, we now benefit from a cloud solution that is constantly evolving by Microsoft, and no longer have to deal with tedious issues like server maintenance and problem location.

Finally, we can say that the programming quality of anaptis is outstanding, allowing us to take further steps such as Microsoft Power BI integration.”

Improvements at a Glance:

  1. Process speed (80% time savings)
  2. System speed
  3. Automations (e.g., inventory updating, financial data transfer)
  4. Clarity (e.g., rental invoices, pallet account)
  5. Customizations (e.g., editable delivery notes)
  6. User-friendly design
“We are extremely satisfied with our new cloud solution. Overall, we have achieved time savings of 80% and look forward to further optimizations with anaptis.”

Uli Pollmann, Managing Director, Palettenpool Deutschland

Everything at a Glance:

Which Products Were Used?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
Dynamics 365 Business Central is the ERP solution for integrating your company’s departments.
Microsoft Power BI
Power BI is Microsoft’s business intelligence tool that allows you to visualize your data.
OPplus 365
With the tool OPplus 365 from our partner Continia, you optimize your payment import and export.
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