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Everything in View With Navision HR:

Human Resource Management in Dynamics 365 Business Central

What does Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Dynamics NAV/Navision) offer in the area of HR or personnel management? In addition to the classic ERP functionalities, with Dynamics 365 Business Central, you also get basic features from the Human Resources domain. These include managing employee master data and qualifications, as well as all personnel equipment. Furthermore, you can easily manage absences in the system. Whether you have already used Navision HR management or are using the ERP solution for the first time, you will find your way around quickly and easily.

Powerful Functions With Navision Human Resources:

Your Functions for the Human Resource Management

  • Work scheduling

    Once your employees have been created in the system, you can schedule them as resources for all activities in the ERP system and thus track the respective service.

  • Personnel time recording (opt. add-on)

    In the system, basic time tracking functions are available. This allows you to record employee absences and view an absence statistics based on various filters (e.g., absence reasons, periods).

    Absences in Dynamics 365 Business Central
    Absences in Dynamics 365 Business Central

    Time and operations data capture (add-on)
    Through the TempVision app from our partner company Tempras, you can manage time and operations data capture, deployment planning, and access control in an integrated solution.

  • Management of employee data

    You manage employees in the system through the so-called “Employee Card.” There, you can keep track of the most important information about your employees.

    Subsequently, employee information can be adjusted at any time. Keeping employee records up to date simplifies all further personnel-related tasks.

    You can capture information about the following points:

    • Employee master data (e.g., addresses, experience, skills, union affiliation, confidential information)
    • Employee qualifications (e.g., education, training)
    • Personnel equipment (e.g., keys, credit cards, computers, company cars)
    Employee card in Dynamics 365 Business Central
    Employee card
    Employee qualifications in Dynamics 365 Business Central
    Qualifications of an employee
  • Access control (add-on)

    Through the Tempras for Dynamics 365 Business Central add-on, you can implement access control. This allows you to determine which individuals, assets, and information accesses are permitted. Additionally, you can also deny access.

Dynamics 365 Business Central chart of accounts
Chart of accounts in Dynamics 365 Business Central
Strong in Comparison:

Your Benefits through the Personnel Functions

Icon showing the time 04:00 or 16:00

Central Time Recording

Times and absences (e.g., vacations, training, illness) can be recorded and analyzed in the system.

Icon showing a cycle

Management of Objects

Keep track of issued items (e.g., keys, credit cards, company cars) and manage them centrally.

Icon showing a light bulb

Managing Knowledge

Always keep an eye on the experience, skills and special knowledge of your employees. This will optimize development in the long term.

Icon showing a hierarchy

Simple Personnel Planning

An ERP system is primarily used to plan resources, which of course includes employees. This means that they are automatically available in the system as a plannable resource for all processes.

Icon showing a paper clip

Bundled Information

The system checks legal requirements in the background. You don’t have to worry about anything.

Icon showing a diagram

Data-Driven Decisions

Summarized data on individual employees allows you to carry out analyses or work out strategies – keyword personnel development. Lists and reports save time and make your day-to-day work much easier.

From Theory to Practice:

Tutorial: Personnel Management with Dynamics 365 Business Central

  • How does the system support me with personnel administration?

    HR departments (or managing directors in small and medium-sized companies) are responsible for managing and maintaining personnel data. In the system, you have the option of creating an employee card for each team member. This is similar to customer cards or supplier cards that exist in other areas of the system. This makes it possible to store and maintain all employees in the system with the required data (e.g., master data, confidential data, qualifications, contact data, payment data) and even associated attachments (e.g., contracts).

    Employees in Business Central
    Employee card in Dynamics 365 Business Central
    Employee card
    Employee qualifications in Dynamics 365 Business Central
    Employee card qualifications
  • Can I use the system to record absences?

    One of the daily tasks of HR staff is to record absences and inform other employees about them. In the system, you have the option of noting absences (e.g., illness, vacation).

    Absences in Dynamics 365 Business Central
    Absence registration
  • To what extent does the system support me with duty scheduling?

    Depending on the size and structure of the company, the services of employees are allocated to different departments by the personnel.

    In the system, resources are allocated to the respective areas. For example, project employees are planned directly in the project task lines.

    Dynamics 365 Business Central project task lines
    Project task lines
  • Can I create personnel reports using the system?

    Human resources personnel are particularly interested in reports on personnel information at certain key dates throughout the year. These include absences, birthdays, and qualifications.

    You have the option to pull both predefined reports and create custom reports. Some predefined reports are already available in the standard:

    • Absences (including reasons)
    • Addresses
    • Birthdays
    • Unions
    • Employee list
    • Personnel equipment
    • Qualifications
    • Confidential employee information
    • Contracts
    • Relatives
    Report on absences
    Report on absences
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