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Smart Functions of the Dynamics 365 GDPR:

GDPR Compliance in Dynamics 365 Business Central

As part of the EU GDPR, companies have been subjected to certain regulations that they must comply with in their daily operations. Ultimately, individuals have gained specific rights to their personal data as a result.

Dynamics 365 Business Central already includes many useful features by default to help you comply with these regulations. This means you’ll spend less time ensuring compliance and more time focusing on what matters.

Dynamics NAV GDPR:

Your Functions for Compliance with the GDPR

  • Activation of monitoring paths

    Monitoring paths enable traceability and the establishment of responsibilities.

    The system includes a change log that allows you to track all direct changes that a user makes to data in the database. In addition, the change log records changes to various system tables, allowing you to track changes to security subsystems such as users and authorizations.

  • Automatic encryption

    If your system is hosted in the Microsoft Cloud, all data is always protected from unauthorized access thanks to automatic encryption in the Microsoft data centers.

  • Processing of applications from affected persons

    You are responsible and obligated to immediately review and respond to every data subject request.

    The system assists you in the following processes:

    • Searching for data
    • Exporting data
    • Deleting data
  • Correction of data

    There are various ways to correct incomplete or incorrect data.

    Mass editing with RapidStart
    For quick editing of multiple records, you can export data to Excel with RapidStart to correct multiple records and then import the modified data from Excel.

    Individual editing
    You can also naturally edit customer data stored in any field by manually editing the data element containing the affected personal data.

  • Export of data

    You can export the customer data to an Excel file with RapidStart. You can then edit the customer data in Excel and save it in a standard, machine-readable format such as CSV or XML.

  • Classification of data sensitivity

    If you work carefully at the outset, you’ll save yourself later hassle. That’s why you should classify data sensitivity. This means classifying fields once and specifying the type of data they contain.


    • Sensitive
    • Personal
    • Confidential
    • Normal

    For more information on the categories, please refer to Microsoft.

  • Deletion of data

    There are various ways to delete customer data.

    Deleting individual data
    You can delete customer data stored in any field manually by removing the data element containing the target customer data. This includes documents containing customer data, such as notes and booked sales and purchase invoices.

    Deleting an entire customer
    You can directly delete customer data by deleting a contact and then running the batch job “Delete Interaction Log Entries for Canceled Interactions” to delete interactions for that contact.

    However, you must adhere to legal retention periods. You may delete purely personal data, but not data necessary for business operations (e.g., sales history).

  • Search for data

  • Assignment of different rights for user roles

    As part of managing your users, you can set up different permissions for various roles within your company to restrict access to personal data.

How does Dynamics 365 Business Central help in processing personal data correctly? In our blog article “Personenbezogene Daten richtig verarbeiten” (German article), we provide examples of interconnected processes supported by Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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